• GREEK POTTERY OF THE FOURTH CENT. B.C.: NEW DATA FROM THE FIELD, 29th of November 2021: International workshop hosted by the École française d’Athènes, organized by Guy Ackermann and Vicky Vlachou (publication in preparation).
  • 3rd Webinar of IARPotHP, Monday, May 3 at 5pm GMT : “Archaeometric Approach to Production and Circulation of Hellenistic Fine Table Ware in Central Dalmatia, Croatia” by Dr. Maja Miše .
  • 2nd Webinar of IARPotHP, Tuesday, April 6 at 5pm GMT : “New Publications in Hellenistic Pottery: IARPotHP3 and Eretria XXIV” by Ivanka Kamenjarin – Dr. Marina Ugarković and Dr. Guy Ackermann.
  • First Webinar of IARPotHP, February 24 at 5pm GMT: “On the Trail of the Tritoness: Megara and the Megarian Bowl” by Prof. Susan I. Rotroff .



Early in 2013 our colleague, founding member and first secretary of IARPotHP Pia Guldager Bilde passed away at the age of only 51 years. As an expression of our deep sorrow, read please a brief obituary. According to the unanimous decision of the General Assembly of IARPotHP on November 9th, 2013, in Berlin the proceedings of the first Conference of IARPotHP are dedicated to the memory of Pia.